Choose from our indulgent menu of spa treatments and services to restore inner balance by pampering the body, face, hands and feet, including our very exclusive Soothing Touch Signature Experiences.

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Back Massage30 minutes$120
Spa Massage45 minutes$160
Aromatherapy Massage50 minutes$190
Deep Tissue Massage1 hour$200
Hot Stone Massage1 hour 15 minutes$250
Soothing Touch Four-Hand Massage1 hour 10 minutes$290
Soothing Touch Massage1 hour$190
Couple’s Massage50 minutes$320
Master Touch Massage1 hour $210
Soothing Touch Deluxe1 hour 30 minutes$250

Soothing Touch Massage

Restore inner balance, relaxation and your feeling of general wellbeing with our signature Soothing Touch massage. We focus on relaxing your body, mind and spirit with a combination of the Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques. Initially, light stroking motions are used to warm and relax. Progressively deeper strokes follow to further relax muscles and eliminate tension.

Hot Stone Massage

Bask in the warmth of a Hot Stone Massage — smooth, polished, volcanic stones are heated and applied to the body for deep heat therapy and relaxation. The heat from the stones penetrates the muscles to relieve stress and the crystals balance energy in the body. Our therapist will add your favorite essential aromatherapy oil to the experience for a refreshing, rejuvenating effect.

Deep Tissue Massage

Our therapist applies deep pressure to your sore, tight or aching muscles to remove the build-up of lactic acid (what makes you feel the burn when your muscles tire from strenuous activity) by increasing the lymphatic flow and stimulating circulation. Our deep tissue massage also reduces the pain and inflammation of arthritis and tendonitis and promotes muscular mobility and suppleness.

Four-Hand Massage

Imagine the ultimate pampering experience … Two pairs of hands moving in unison, massaging your cares and stress away.

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Paraffin Wax15 minutes$30
Polish Change15 minutes$35
Manicure45 minutes$75
Pedicure1 hour$100
Spa Pedicure1 hour 15 minutes$115
Herbal Foot Treatment30 minutes$80

Paraffin Treatment

Add a paraffin treatment to your manicure or pedicure to moisturize dry skin and relieve pain in the wrist and ankles with the gentle heat of warm paraffin wax. We gently massage a moisturizing collagen lotion into the skin, and then immerse your hands (or feet) in the paraffin for a few seconds. A plastic liner of insulated boot is applied for about ten minutes or until the paraffin treatment dries. Removal by massage is followed by lotion, polish and nail art if requested.

Spa Pedicure

After shaping your toe nails, we treat your feet to a refreshing soak in our whirlpool foot spa while you are enjoying the luxury of the built in back massage feature of the spa chair. We trim your cuticles, remove calluses and dead skin, then apply a wonderful exfoliating scrub to soothe your feet. A relieving massage is followed by polishing and nail art if requested.

Spa Manicure

Your fingernails are shaped and the hands are soaked to soften excess cuticle which is painlessly removed. The nails are buffed smooth to create a shine. A fine-grained scrub is then used to exfoliate the skin after which we wash, massage and polish the nails in the shade of your choice or leave them bare for a natural look. You may also have nail art upon request.

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Natural Facial1 hour150
Aromatherapy Facial1 hour 15 minutes$160
Soothing Touch Facial1 hour 15 minutes$190

Soothing Touch Facial

A Soothing Touch Signature Experience

Our signature facial begins with a thorough analysis of your skin.  This is followed by a process of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extracting, masking, toning and moisturizing. Designed to calm and soothe your muscles while cleansing, improving circulation and balancing the moisture content, tone and texture of your skin, this facial is customized to suit your personal needs.

Aromatherapy Facial

Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extract, mask, tone and moisturize. Designed to calm and soothe your muscles while cleansing, improving circulation and balancing the moisture content, tone and texture of your skin. This facial is customized with essential oils to promote relaxation and reduce sinusitis symptoms. Your skin will glow with youth.

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Body Mask45 minutes$130
Mud Mask1 hour 45 minutes$150
Seaweed Scrub45 minutes$150
Citrus Body Polish45 minutes$150
Herbal Body Wrap1 hour 15 minutes$165
Set-N-Me-Free Wrap1 hour 20 minutes$170
Seaweed Wrap1 hour 15 minutes$170
Parafango Wrap1 hour 45 minutes$190
Soothing Touch Honey Chocolate Wrap1 hour 15 minutes$220

Soothing Touch Honey Chocolate Wrap

Just imagine yourself enveloped in natural Barbados — drizzled in honey and rich 100% chocolate. Beyond the delectably sweet scent of chocolate putting you in a state of olfactory delight, your skin will benefit from the moisturizing and healing properties of honey.

Seaweed Wrap

Deep-sea, nutrient-rich seaweed is applied to your body as a wrap. Minerals, rare trace elements, and proteins are absorbed into the bloodstream to revitalize and detoxify the body. Your circulation is improved, your skin is toned, cellulite diminishes and you may even lose a few inches.

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Eyebrow/Lip/Chin20 minutes$30
Underarm30 minutes$30
Bikini40 minutes$60
1/2 Leg50 minutes$70
Back/Chest40 minutes$110
Full Leg1 hour$120
Brazilian1 hour 30 minutes$110

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Hot Tub1/2 hour$60 with additional service/$80 alone
Sauna1/2 hour$60 with additional service/$80 alone
Lunch $50
Pool Complimentary with any service
Beverages Complimentary with any service

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